«I’m a freelancer, my product is intangible, and I want to increase my leads»

It's time to keep up
with times

For years you have worked as a consultant with excellent results, good incomes, and a satisfying network of colleagues, partners, and clients. 
Now, the traditional working environment around you is dramatically changing. 
You need to keep up with the times and you want to change your way of doing business.


You are making the first steps in the internet world or you have an old-style static website, and you need a web strategy that fits your idea of business, bringing prospects to you and converting them into clients.
Targeting for Web or App
Web Platform
App for Android & Apple
Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS)
Search Engine Optimisation
GDPR & Cookies rules
Security & Anti-Spam System
Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)


You already have your website or app, and you don’t need a further remake of technological or graphic elements. You aim to inform and attract prospects and you want to be visible and distinctive in a so crowded WWW.
Targeting & positioning strategy
Content management service
Social media sharing service
Search Engine Optimisation
Images creation
Event agreements
Lead generation strategy


It’s time to have a leg up on your visibility. This is a particular time or there is a special event. Maybe you need to beat your competitors and the time is right to spread the message via online advertising.
Targeting strategy
Social media advertising
Google Adv (Display or Search)
Bing Adv
Banner & Img creation
Traditional media advertising
Lead generation strategy