UberDrone - Drone as a Service

UberDrone - Drone as a Service

A service to quickly hire drones "per minute", asking them to do small missions for you (eg. take picture). Drone owners can rent their "fre

the idea

People who need quick "drone services" (for example, take a picture in place X) can "book a flight" from the web interface. The system finds the next free drone and schedules a trip.

Drone owners can "rent" their free drone-time, so that the platform acts as a broker between drone owners with spare time, and people who need to use them for short periods of time.

The service is automatic within covered zones (eg. booking, flight, etc...) and is semi-automatic for non covered zones.

Pricing takes into account the urgency of the request, so that an "express service" will fly a drone almost immediately and will cost more than a scheduled service which will happen during the next X hours and optimize the path to take pictures for more than one customer.

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